SomaHut workshop: Making Connections: Somatic Education and Therapy in the Field of Care with Thomas Greil

5-7 PM


An introduction to the approach of Body-Mind Centering® (BMC®) and
disability for Parents, Therapists, Educators and other Professionals with Thomas Greil​


Making connections addresses children, parents, educators and therapists with
the idea that changes need to happen in the whole system, rather than in one
part. And that only by cooperation these changes can be permanent.
Making Connections supports a sustainable therapy as it is in its core
educational. It always looks at the whole person and fully embraces
the process of each person and their caregivers, parents and family.
Making Connections supports self-directed learning, stimulating,
independent of the abilities of the child, the process of discovery.
It is highly specific to the individual child, it engages, interacts
and seeks to spark the person’s inherent curiosity and interest.


Thomas Greil is a practitioner and trainer of Body-Mind Centering®,
especially for the work with babies, and a JKA (Jeremy Krauss
Approach) practitioner. He works with all ages since more than
20 years. His interest in people with disabilities and their families
comes from his research of human development, neuroscience, healing
trauma and embodiment. He lives in Faenza, Italy, where he directs
together with Carla Bottiglieri minima somatica, a nucleus of
somatic research in practices and narratives of embodiment.