The SomaHut project was initiated under the roof of Multimedia Hut by dance artist and somatic practitioner Zrinka Šimičić Mihanović as a response to the needs of the community, articulated at the initial meeting of the “somatic network”, held within the festival Improspections2017. The initiative includes the development of website with the aim of networking and informing the public about the somatic practices in Croatia and in the region, as well as the organization of bringing together artists, educators and experts from various fields of activities, and the wider interested public, around topics that emerge from the somatic approach.

Somatic approach is an approach that starts from the body as an integral and unique unit. Through body the individual and the community are perceived as an integrated unit, an intertwining of biological, evolutionary, psychological, emotional, social and relational givens, and the somatic work involves working on diverse, mutually interlacing aspects of the whole. By creating a network of artists, somatic experts and practitioners, SomaHut instigates professional cooperation and interest of the wider public in somatic work. Affirming, on the one side, the universal availability, and on the other, the uniqueness of the somatic experience, as well as the specific knowledge, methods and procedures of particular approaches and schools based on the somatic core, and articulated through various media, disciplines or forms of artistic expression, the project strives for moving the boundaries of practice outside the framework of individual action towards collaborative projects whose aim is to raise the awareness of the individual and the community, as well as to increase the quality of life through art and somatic work.



 to create the structure of linking various initiatives, groups, projects and individuals through common interests and need to redefine and affirm the somatic approach to


 thinking, artistic creation and in a wider social context


 to encourage professional collaboration


 international networking and strengthening of the already initiated collaborations, as well as starting new collaborations with organizations and professionals of a similar



Field of activity:

 development and exchange of specific knowledge, methods and procedures through the presentation of associates’ work and organization of workshops and discussions


 presenting somatic knowledge to the wider public in a clear and comprehensible manner, through practices which connect various facets of the human being with an aim of raising the awareness of the individual and the community and increasing the


 quality of life through art and somatic work




SomaHut meeting was organized in partnership with the improvisation festival Improspections2020 and with the project Antiseason. The platform is open for collaboration to individuals and partners from diverse fields of activity, emerging from somatic knowledge or approach. We invite people interested in dialogue, collaboration or sharing information to contact us.