Making Connections: Somatic Learning in the Field of Care with Carla Bottiglieri and Thomas Greil

  1. October 8/9, 10-16 h
  2. MO Voćarska, Voćarska cesta 71




The workshop proposes an experiential journey in the perception of movement and touch through the fundamental tools of somatic pedagogy. We will explore connective tissue and fascia as concrete physical substrates of “making connections”, providing a transitional and transindividual space for moving bodies. We are moved by the other, as our cells and tissues move, to the extent that the other is moved by me.


Connective tissue is a dynamic system, comprising different tissues like bones, ligaments, tendons, and fascia.  It connects and at the same time separates the different parts of our bodies, as well as cells, tissues, organs and systems. It allows to change between form and flow according to the need for more stability or more mobility. The cells in the connective tissue are spread out and not touching each other. They are connected by fibers embedded in the semi-fluid ground substance. Connective tissue plays an important role in the regulation of cellular and immune function (inflammation and tumor development), as well as metabolism, and fluid balance.


The workshop is aimed at those who are implicated in the sphere of care and education: parents and caregivers, therapists, educators, social-health assistants, teachers, movement artists and somatic practitioners. The workshop is open to everybody. There is no previous experience with movement, therapy or Somatics required.


Participation in the workshop expenses: 70 – 120 eur/ 500 – 900 kn (sliding scale according to possibilities).

Informationa and registration: